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About Bintelli

Bintelli is a true American success story.

Bintelli is a true American success story. In 2000, a young Justin Jackrel started selling scooters on the side of the road during his summer break. His love of adventure and entrepreneurial spirit drove him to continue growing his business while he was in college. From these humble beginnings, Justin dreamed up a company that would provide transportation products that bring excitement to everyday life. While other students were enjoying the typical college experience, Justin was laying the groundwork for a groundbreaking company. Today, Bintelli is revolutionizing the low-speed electric vehicle industry, a testament to Justin’s unwavering vision and determination.

Early on, Justin brought in Jason Perske, who had a talent for all things mechanical. Together, they worked tirelessly to build Bintelli from the ground up. The duo would stop at nothing to achieve ultimate success.

By 2015, Bintelli expanded its operations to Charleston, South Carolina. In just three years, Bintelli opened its first storefront, signaling the start of a new era for the company. Since then, the business has continued to reach new heights with the rapid expansion of dealerships around the country, distribution of nationwide parts and services, and the opening in 2023 of Bintelli’s 175,000 sq ft state-of-the-art assembly facility.

Today, Bintelli is an industry leader, and Justin’s college dreams have become a reality. His vision has resulted in a company that continues to trailblaze in the LSV and powersports industry. From its humble beginnings in a college dorm room, Bintelli is a shining example of the American dream, proving that anything is possible through hard work and a clear vision.

The Bintelli golf carts team gathers on a boat in the ocean celebrating a great year of selling golf carts.


Giving Back

Our hearts extend far beyond our corporate walls. We also strive to “level up” our local community. Through numerous charitable endeavors, including a strong relationship with Lowcountry Food Bank donating over 100k meals to fight hunger throughout South Carolina, Bintelli has shown giving back and helping others is what truly powers their passion for life.

Bintelli. Live Life Fully Charged.

New Bintelli Golf Cart Headquarters with Bintelli Logo and 6900 Weber Blvd Address in New Charleston Industrial Park

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